Crypto Industry Development, Monitoring, Reporting Association

Crypto Industry Development, Monitoring and Reporting Association

We are working to Develop the Crypto Industry

The most important element for the development of the Crypto Industry is Trust. Allocating trust will lead to further strengthening and growth of the sector.

Regular, transparent reporting and monitoring methods in the crypto sector ensure that the sector is transparent and sustainable.

We share the reports we have prepared about cryptocurrency exchanges with the public institutions that request them.We produce quick solutions for complaints and requests from users about cryptocurrency exchanges.

In this way, we try to prevent individuals, public authorities and national economies from being harmed.

Monitoring and Reporting Services

Monitoring and reporting studies are carried out by our expert teams regarding the activities of Cryptocurrency Exchanges. The data obtained as a result of these studies are shared with the requesting public institutions.

  • Efficiency Analysis of CEXs
    We make user-friendly analysis of cryptocurrency exchanges, scoring them according to their complaint indexes.
  • Award-winning Cryptocurrency Exchanges
    We award every year according to the activity analysis and financial accuracy of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Legal Sanctions
    A legal application is made to impose an access barrier for Cryptocurrency Exchanges targeting the sociology of society and the economies of countries.

Crypto Industry Development, Monitoring and Reporting Association

The aim of our association is to bring transparency to the Crypto industry. It is to protect the national economies and the rights of individuals against all dangers through Monitoring and Reporting activities.

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